Holga Factory Closure News & Call for Submissions

It’s a sad time for Holga fans as we received notice last week of the Holga factory closing its doors.  I have heard from a few different sources of this news and it doesn’t sound promising.  Here is a quote from the US Distributor:

From Freestyle Photographic Supplies

Freestyle Photographic announced today that the factory that produces Holga Cameras has ceased operations and will no longer be producing these Cameras and accessories…

According the factory spokesperson in China, “…all Holga tooling has already been thrown away and there is nothing available for sale.”  Inventory is still available throughout the United States and around the world, but as units sell out, they will be no longer available.” 

For more information visit The Holga Darkroom Blog post for a few more details.
HOLGA WEEK will continue to happen annualy for as long as possible, and to me, it has become even more important now for us to cherish our Holgas and celebrate them.
I wanted to do something to lift everyone’s spirits, including my own, and celebrate the Holga camera and those that love it! Let’s send this year off on a good note by sharing our Favorite Holga photo from this past year.  Head on over to this blog post for details on how to submit.
Celebrate the beloved Holga camera
I look forward to seeing everyone’s submissions!

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