Holga Week 2015 is Coming!

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Now that things are starting to thaw and spring is just around the corner (yay!)  it’s time to start thinking about HOLGA WEEK!

I had so much fun doing Holga Week last year that I’m ready to do it all again!  How about you?  Well, I’d like your input on a few things…

  • Do you think we should have a theme?

  • Or categories?  If so, what would be your suggestions? (vote in the poll below!)

  • Who would you like to see as the judges for Holga Week? (There will be a maximum of three)

The format will stay the same with there being three judges, and three winners.  If we do categories, I will have one judge assigned to each category and a winner will be chosen for each one.

Leave your thoughts in the comments, or Tweet me @HolgaWeek (and use #HolgaWeek).

**ps. I would really appreciate donations to help keep the site up and running!  The link to donate is on the About page. Thank you in advance!**


If you'd like to see categories this year, pick your top THREE choices

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